EcoAqua EFF-6007A Compatible with Maytag UKF8001 Fridge Filter & More

Our EcoAqua branded water filter cartridge is compatible with Amana / Maytag UKF8001, and UKF9001, but is suitable for a range of other Admiral, Maytag, Amana models that use the internal style filter cartridge.

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The EcoAqua EFF-6007A is commonly used in Maytag, Amana, and Admiral fridge / freezers. The filter is designed to replace the UKF8001AXX, UKF9001AXX, UKF80001, but is a suitable replacement for other models and part numbers which we have listed on the what will it fit tab. 

EcoAqua water filter cartridges are made with modern carbon block technology form NSF approved materials ensuring that this compatible cartridge performs just as well as the original. It will remove chlorine, sediment, and dissolved solids to ensure great tasting, odour free drinking water. 

The manufacturer recommends that the filter is changed once every 6 months. The filter will provide identical performance to the manufacturers original part. 

Technical Specifications

  • Minimum Operating Temperature 0.6C/33F
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 38C/100F
  • Min Working Pressure 140kPa/20psi
  • Max Working Pressure 827kPa/120psi
  • Rated Capacity 1893 litres/500 gallons
  • Flow Rate 1.9 lpm / 0.5 gpm
  • Recommended filter life: 6-12 months
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This filter will fit the following models:

Maytag / Amana

UKF8001, PuriClean II, UKF8001AXX, UKF8001AXX-750, 8001P, UKF8001AXXP, UKF9001, UKF9001AXX, WF50, OWF50, WF51, OWF51, WF50-NI300, OWF60-NI300, WF50-KNI300, WF50-NI500, OWF50-NI300, WF50-KNI300, WF50-WI500, OWF50-WI500, 67002269, 67002671, 67003523, 67003526, 67003527, 67003528, 67003591, 67003727, 67006474, 67006637, 12589208, 12589203, 12589206, 12589208, 12589210, 480181700573, 4902821, UKF8001AXX-200, UKF8001P, UKF8001T, PuriClean III, RWFFR



Sears / Kenmore

46-9005, 469005, 9005, 9005P, 46-9006, 469006, 9006, 9006P, 46-9992, 469992, 9992, 9992P, 469005750, 469005-750, 46-9005-750, 469006750, 469006-750, 46-9006-750, 04609005000, 04609006000


4396395, 8171032, 8171249

AquaHouse AH-M80, IcePure RWF0900A, FilterLogic FL-370, FFL-160M, WaterFilterTree WLF0UKF01, WPro UKF8001, Swift Green SGF-M9, FinerFilters FF-93

**Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only**